Brazilian Virgin Hair Glueless Short Bob Wig Straight Middle Part

I wanted a sort of “entry level” wig to feel it out and see if I wanted to get a better quality one in the future. Honestly this wig is pretty good. There is only a small amount of lace in the front, but I knew this when I bought it. Luckily my brazilian virgin hair is the same color as the wig so I pull some out from underneath my wig cap to help it look a little more natural.

The parting is very thin however and does not go very far back. I’ve started to pluck it a bit but for now I’m just wearing hats or scarves to hide the top of my head. It’s not a huge-dealbreaker. Also the ends are pretty stubborn about straightening but it reminds me of my own brazilian virgin hair so I don’t mind it! Just keep that in mind if you want a totally straight wig.

All in all I really like this wig. I’ve worn it out all day multiple times so far and it’s held up great. I’m going to be washing it soon and may update depending on how it is after that, but hopefully it will be alright!